Accident At Work

If you have been injured at work, you could be entitled to make an Accident At Work Claim for compensation, you could be awarded compensation for suffering due to injuries caused, loss of earnings, medical treatment and recovery time.

Making an Accident At Work Claim can also compensate you for any long-term suffering you may experience as a direct cause of your accident.

Employers owe employees the right to work in risk free environments, offering adequate training (especially when using machinery). If you feel your employers have acted negligently and you have suffered injury due to their lack of due care and attention, don’t delay; it’s time to contact the to arrange your Accident At Work Claim for compensation.

Health & Safety legislation has significantly increased the level of protection available to employees over past years, there are laws designed to prevent accidents (which apply to most areas of work). These laws include regulations about handling/carrying loads and regulations about the availability and use of safety equipment. Failure to comply with written law is know as “breach of statuary duty” and can often lead to an Accident At Work Claim.

There is also common law, made by Judge’s decisions; a basic common law obligation is the duty of employers to take reasonable care of their employees. If an employer instructs you to perform a task, which directly causes you to suffer an injury, you may be able to make an Accident At Work Claim.

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