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Personal Injuries

You may be surprised to learn that many people who suffer an injury through no fault of there own do not make a compensation claim. Many believe that making a Personal Injury Claim is expensive and “risky” but this is simply not true.

Personal injuries affect your life, make sure you are compensated.

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A common occurrence that regularly results in a Personal Injury Claim is the tripping accident. Compensation for tripping accidents is frequently sought from local authorities (who, in most cases, have a legal obligation to inspect, maintain and repair roads and pathways).

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Unfortunately, changes in public spending priorities sometimes result in many roads and pathways being neglected, people are frequently injured by tripping on cracked or uneven road and pavement surfaces. Injuries range from cuts, bruises, fractured limbs and head injuries, injuries caused by neglected road and pavement surfaces could end in a no win no fee personal injury claim for compensation.

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There are of course many reasons why somebody may wish to make a personal injury claim, our team of experts are waiting to help you make your claim for compensation.

  • Tripped over broken paving stones causing you injury?
  • Injured in a public place?
  • Slipped on a wet floor?

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